Introducing New QIC-DVCW Resources



The Quality Improvement Center on Domestic Violence in Child Welfare (QIC-DVCW) announces the publication of two new resources:


The overview of the Adult & Child Survivor-Centered Approach for Addressing Domestic Violence outlines the QIC-DVCW’s innovative, research-based approach for addressing domestic violence and co-occurring child maltreatment in families who are involved in the child welfare system. The Approach provides guidance for establishing systematic and interpersonal mechanisms for supporting positive change in people who use violence against their intimate partners, and for developing protective factors that benefit survivors of domestic violence.


The Issue Brief on the Protective Factors for Survivors of Domestic Violence provides a short description of each of the five protective factors that studies show lessen the impact of domestic violence for both adult and child survivors, and promote their safety, healing, and well-being.


Visit the resource library to download both of these tools today!