Advancing an Adult & Child Survivor-Centered Approach

Introducing the Quality Improvement Center on Domestic Violence in Child Welfare

We're working across multiple sectors to advance an adult and child survivor-centered approach.

The safety and well-being of child and adult survivors of domestic violence are profoundly linked.

Latest News from the QIC-DVCW

Let’s Be Real: The Urgent Need for Change in Child Welfare, Courts, and DV Programs

Child welfare systems, dependency courts, and domestic violence programs have contributed to the conditions that result in disproportionate representation of families and survivors of color within child welfare, as well as racial disparities in access to help and services. Let’s Be Real is a critical conversation among state and national leaders in these fields on the urgent need to advance racial equity  — so that every family experiencing domestic violence and child maltreatment can get real help.

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NEW RESOURCES: Tip Sheets on COVID-Responsive Practice

This four-part series of tip sheets offers strategies for engaging children and families under the conditions and constraints of COVID-19. Visit our resource library to access all four of these resources and more. The most recent addition to this series deals specifically with valuable lessons-learned during the pandemic and offers strategies for promoting well-being as a pathway to safety in child protection. Download Tip Sheet 4 here!

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What is the QIC-DVCW?

Advancing an Adult & Child Survivor-Centered Approach

The Quality Improvement Center on Domestic Violence in Child Welfare (QIC-DVCW) is a five year cooperative agreement with the Children’s Bureau to test an approach to improve how child welfare agencies and their partners work collaboratively to help families experiencing domestic violence. The safety and well-being of child survivors of domestic violence and child maltreatment are closely connected to the safety and well-being of the adult survivor of domestic violence.  For this reason, the QIC-DVCW is testing an Adult & Child Survivor-Centered Approach to addressing the needs of both the parent and child, which includes effectively engaging and working with the person causing them harm.